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Still spending more time on Twitter than I spend on Mastodon, time to fix that. For that I need to follow more people in my area of interests.

So, here's me: Danny, father of 2 toddlers, building open-source WordPress plugins for a living (like and, never even stepped foot into an office in my life and kind of proud of that.

I'm interested in , , , , , .

If that sounds even remotely like you, please toot with me.

Making good progress on Unja, a template engine for C based on Liquid (Ruby) & Jinja (Python).

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What better time to get my hands on an Arduino kit? Hopefully it has all the things I need as I’m not sure whether I can order anything else in a few days.

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We're thrilled to announce the official release of GNOME 3.36 "Gresik". This version contains 6 months of work by the GNOME community and includes many improvements, performance enhancements, and new features. Please see the link below for more info:

Managed to bring it down to ~1.7 seconds because of this comment in CPython's source explaining the performance gain for using computed GOTO's (vs a big ol' switch statement).

Finished in which you turn your tree-walking interpreter (book 1) into a compiler + VM. Monkey-C now does fibonacci(35) in ~3 seconds!

Highly recommend these two books. Follow along in another language for double the fun!

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Hi I'm Wally. I've been around for a little while but mostly just lurking, and still in the IRC. I finally joined up because this isn't twitter and I want to feel more accountable for doing things, like working on tools and finishing projects. I like C, Python and Linux.

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The water we use in our households is about 98 gallons a day.

The industrial goods we use -- paper, cotton, clothes -- that’s about another 44 gallons a day.

Water used to produce the food (and drinks) in the average U.S. meat-and-cheese heavy diet: 1,000 gallons per person per day

And yet every single government-produced "water conservation tips for the public" fails to mention the effect of our dietary choices, instead shaming us for running the water while we brush our teeth.

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Hello from yet another new instance as I look for a personal place I can archive my content.

I'm a software engineer working on WordPress with an emphasis on #privacy, #ethics, #OpenSource and the #openweb.

Historically I've been a pilot, musician, teacher and about 1,000 other things.

If any of this interests you, let's chat!

I'm looking for an experienced WordPress plugin developer to help me out answering the more technical support questions for our Mailchimp for WordPress plugin ( on a daily basis.

Requirements are ~2 hours of availability per day, have to be good at working on your own and willing to get really familiar with the plugin and code I wrote up to a decade ago.

Rewards: Good pay, lots of freedom. No crazy requests or demands, just very consistent work.

Array & index expressions ✅

That wraps up book #1, can't wait to get started on book #2!

Today's interpreter progress: string literals, string concatenation and built-in functions ✅

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#TIL that, due to the power of scale, just a few kb in #code reduction can result in thousands of kg in #carbon emissions reduction.

Specifically, @danny reduced the MailChimp for Wordpress plugin by 10kb, preventing 59,000 kg of CO2 per month according to calculations.

Time to start making #greenwebsites?

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looking for work, please boost 

My (tree-walking) Monkey interpreter can now calculate the 35th fibonacci number in under 10 seconds with peak memory use of 500 kB...

For reference: PHP & JS both do it in under 1 second. On to the second book to do add some pre-processing it is then!

My Monkey interpreter is fibonacci capable! It calculates the 35th number in 25 seconds (versus 5 sec in Python or < 1 sec in JavaScript).

Sadly, it eats up memory at an astonishing rate when recursive function calls are involved. Time to build a garbage collector...

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The construction of the pyramids in Giza begins. Simultaneously, you decide to save $10,000 per day. You do not spend any money.

It is now 2020. There are 69 people who have more money than you.

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