Spent an afternoon to save 5 kB in a JS script in one of my WordPress plugins that is installed on close to 2 million websites.

That's 5 kB * 2M = 10 GB.

Assuming an average of 10K of monthly visitors per site, that is 10 GB * 10.000 = 100 TB saved per month.

At 5 kWh per GB of transferred data, that is 500.000 kWh or ~400.000 kg CO2.

TLDR: That 5 kB saves approx. 400.000 kg of CO2 emissions per month.

I'm going to hunt for more kB's over the next few days, as it's clearly the most effective use of my time by a long shot.

@danny At this rate you're going to single-handedly stop climate change!

@InternetKevin Haha, not sure if I can keep this up though (sorry!). Also I have my doubts about the 5 kWh per GB number. Looking for a better source on that one, estimates vary a lot...

@danny yes difficult to estimate accurately, so many variables

5 kWh sounds unreasonably high to me. I understand all involved network nodes in transit would have to be accounted and cumulated for but any give node is online (PSU draw) either way. The Rx/Tx rates of an optical link (vs module/SFP draw) possibly cannot have that much of an impact to overall consumption. Probably could test that in the Lab - for science!
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