Anyone has some credible sources on the energy expenditure of data transfer?

This article states 5 kWh per transferred GB:

It seems so... high? It would mean watching an episode of House of Cards is as bad as driving 70 km in a gasoline car?

@danny I'm guessing the hour long stream of House of Cards is improving the global GB/KWh, unless it's via satellite phone, for an outdoor cinema projector, operating on a cruise ship

@danny there is no way. That cost would be passed down to the user somehow...

That is almost $2 per GB in Danish power prices.

@rune Right? I’ll do some more digging today.

It sounds a bit like they postulate that if a Streaming User sitting in country B receiving content from country A would stop, all network infrastructure in between could be shut down, thus saving loads of power. This all disregards that any given node will remain online (PSU power draw) no matter the bandwidth saturated.
It does matter in the context of increased bandwidth consumption and the subsequent use of more (and/or higher powered) nodes.
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