Building my own static site generator for fun and contemplating forcing myself to do it without dependencies. Would mean writing my own Markdown parser and templating language, for which I have no clue how to do it yet. That means learning opportunity, right? Any good pointers?


I found this to be the most accessible write up I've seen on getting started with writing your own interpreter.

@lordbowlich Awesome, will dig in. Thank you Lord Bowlich! (How awesome is your name, hah)

If you are doing it as a learning exercise that that's okay. Just be mindful that reinventing wheels might be counter-productive to your goals.

@dsfgs Absolutely doing it for learning (and fun!) and because the scope of it all is just nice. I am certain my end result won’t be as good as the existing solutions out there. 😅

@danny my articles on writing a language might be some help? There are various videos as well if you prefer that kind of thing.

@danny Also general advice: that little voice in your head that says "surely this is just a couple of regular expressions" is _wrong_ ;-)

@andybalaam Haha thank you. Luckily, I learned the scalability limits of regex a while ago. Funny how everyone somehow starts out thinking regex is how it's done. 😅

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