I wonder what's eaiser: starting out in a high level language then moving down or vice versa.

I'm leaning towards the latter, just because you suddenly have so much less to care about.

@danny the learning curve is steep when going to a low level language anyway, no matter if you start there or start with a high level language. But probably less steep with a high level language first.

I started with HTML & CSS and then learned JavaScript, PHP, and Python before taking a formal education and digging in to all the low level stuff, and that's definitely a path I'd recommend regarding learning curve.

@danny going from C and all in school to PHP and similar made the latter seem so wonderful to me. I did, though, always tend to worry if the promised features actually worked for the longest time.

Dabbling in Python to get the basic gist of programming followed by properly learning C is fairly easy I think. After those, you can do anything (except for assembly maybe).

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