@curtismchale Haha well... But maybe at least compiled or running through a VM? PHP 8’s JIT will surely help!

@danny Interesting that lisp is in the "pretty good" range on all three axes

@ricardobalk Moet statisch kunnen toch? Met Hugo, Jekyll, Zola oid...

@danny Had ik eerst: Jekyll met Webpack.. Heb het nu met VuePress :) prerendered.. 😋 Maar Go is vet. Ben bezig met EEN (pluggable) REST backend voor een webshop in Go 😉.. priorities.. 😋

@danny That paper is from 2017. There's an updated version at

for some reason they dropped C (and C++) from their benchmark, making rust the new baseline.

@danny Uhh, "Lisp" is a family of languages and even if they meant Common Lisp there's a bunch of implementations with quite different performance if I remember correctly.

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